Is this a Prompt job or a print it yourself job?

If you're planning on printing your job on your office laser printer, it would be wise to take a couple of factors into consideration before committing your budget to it.

The factors that need to be considered are quality, cost, and finishing.

Quality is something that is determined by the equipment you have. High quality equipment usually involves a substantial capital outlay. Most of the higher end machines come with a service contract that also include a click or price per sheet charge.

You can find much cheaper machines that do a pretty impressive job but the toner costs can blind-side you. This is an expense that most busy people don't take the time to notice until their bookkeeper starts asking questions.

You may have managed the first two considerations okay, but don’t forget about finishing your job. Depending on the job, this can involve folding and/or trimming. Finishing 100 pieces of something can be tedious and in some cases impossible unless you hand finish each piece. The job that you wanted to have done by the end of the day can end up taking weeks or longer. The worst-case is that you give up and send it out to Prompt or some other printing company.

A word of caution ... although Prompt is here to help you in any way we can and finishing is something we do well, there is one more thing you need to know about your economical printer. In order for the finishing process to work, every sheet needs to line up perfectly with every other sheet. That way when you cut a stack of flyers with a guillotine, you won't be cutting into the image on some of them. Office laser printers don't provide the necessary precision through-put as our offset press.

In the final analysis, you could have had your job done from start to finish within days. Call Prompt to help you plan your next printing job. We know the options, let us give you the benefit of our experience.